An Independent Agent is much like a doctor.  Okay, that may be too generous of a comparison.  However, would you go to a doctor that can only write prescriptions for one medicine?  High blood pressure?  Prilosec.  Skin rash?  Prilosec.  Strep throat?  Prilosec.  That doesn't make much sense to us either.  That's why we represent multiple insurance companies.  Doing so allows us to find the right coverage at the right price for each and every client.

The companies we represent offer the most competitive rates in the industry.  How do they do that while also paying claims quickly and fairly?  It's simple.  They stick to what they know best - insurance!  No billion dollar advertising campaigns, mammoth sales departments, or call centers.  They focus on determining appropriate rates and paying claims while we handle the rest - marketing, sales, billing, administration, coverage advice, claims guidance, policy changes, etc.

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An Independent Agent provides three unique advantages to clients:

  1. Options.  The ability to compare coverage, pricing, and policy options among multiple insurance companies, providing you with competitively-priced insurance solutions and coverage tailored specifically for you.  Not every problem is a nail, which is why an Independent Agent has more than a hammer in the toolbox.  
  2. Unbiased advice.  Having an agent that works for you, not for an insurance company.  By representing multiple insurance companies, instead of only one, an Independent Agent is able to provide unbiased feedback with your best interest in mind.  Having an Independent Agent on your side when negotiating a claim, managing an underwriting requirement, or searching for a new policy can make all the difference. 
  3. Consistency.  When changes in your life or in the insurance industry require updates to your insurance, an Independent Agent is able to navigate the transition with you.  This might involve replacing an insurance policy, starting a new one, or simply revising an existing one.  


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What does an Independent AgenCY look like? 


Yes and no.  You'll see our name on your insurance documents as a reminder that we stand behind your policies and the coverage provided by them.  However, there is a company with billions of assets that stands behind us when you inevitably need to use your insurance.  Our Agency and the insurance companies we represent work hand-in-hand to provide the guidance, coverage, and peace of mind you deserve.

We represent insurance companies that we've carefully selected based on their financial rating, the quality of coverage their insurance policies provide, the speed and fairness of their claim practices, and the affordability of their policies.  We work with some insurance companies you've heard of, like Auto-Owners Insurance and Citizens Insurance.  We also work with some insurance companies you probably haven't heard of, like Michigan Insurance.   

What insurance companies does Boer Insurance Group represent? 

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No!  Just like most other companies, insurance companies outsource certain functions to specialized professionals.  No one would be surprised to find that a majority of the world's most successful companies outsource most of their accounting and legal work to firms focused solely on those functions.  Insurance companies that use agents drastically reduce their costs for advertising, sales, and client services because these are done (and paid for) by the agent.

Of course - that's what we're here for!  Despite what most companies want you to think, there is much more to it than just price.  That's why we ask lots of questions and avoid using "insurance lingo" whenever possible.  Our clients appreciate it and we're sure you will too. 

I'm confused about MY current INSURANCE POLICIES.  IS THAT OKAY? 

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when should i switch?

Whenever you'd like!  The State of Michigan doesn't allow insurance companies to charge a penalty for cancelling an insurance policy early.  Therefore, if you've paid your policy but cancel it early, you'll get a refund for any coverage you paid for but did not use.  

Do you have an escrow account your mortgage company pays your home insurance from?  No problem!  We'll let your mortgage company know you've got new insurance and help coordinate the payment of your new policy.