What Is an Independent Agent?

Boer Insurance Group is proud to be an Independent Agency, which means we work for you, not for the insurance company.  We aren't tied to any specific insurance company, affording us the flexibility of finding the right combination of coverage and price for each client by comparing multiple options and helping determine which option best meets each client's goals.  Being an Independent Agency allows us to stay ahead of industry trends, in touch with coverage enhancements, and up to speed with underwriting changes.  This allows us to provide unbiased advice to our clients and our community. 

You're probably thinking that all sounds good but are wondering what it actually looks like.  Well you're in luck!  Our pro-bono graphic designer (i.e. Brian's wife) prepared the following, which we think sums it up quite well.  The difference is subtle but the impact is significant. 

                                                                                   (Above: Our Model)                                                                               (Below: The Other Model)

                                                                                  (Above: Our Model)

                                                                             (Below: The Other Model)

Captive Model.png