Before You Head to the Blind

Keep these things in mind this hunting season:

Hunting Reminders.png
  1. Extend your liability coverage. In general, the personal liability coverage on your home insurance policy will follow you away from your home, including while you are hunting. However, if you own or lease the property you are hunting on and don’t have an insurance policy on that hunting property, be sure to tell your insurance agent. In most situations you can extend the liability coverage from your home insurance policy to your hunting property in order to protect yourself in the event of a lawsuit resulting from a hunting accident. The charge for this liability extension is minimal (usually less than $15/year).

  2. Add your expensive guns to your home insurance policy. Guns, bows, and other hunting equipment typically is covered by a home insurance policy, but subject to certain limitations. The best way to adequately cover your expensive guns is to schedule them on your home insurance policy. This provides coverage for nearly all types of damage, including dropping your bow from a tree stand, dropping your gun over the side of the duck boat, or someone stealing your gun out of your truck. This scheduled coverage for guns is inexpensive at about $15 per $1,000 of coverage.

  3. Plan ahead and be safe. There’s always the next day, the next week, or the next season to get back in the field or on the water. If the conditions aren’t safe or something doesn’t feel right, head back to camp and relax by the fire.

Whether you’re hunting ducks, deer, or discounts on Black Friday this season, be safe and have fun!