Where Do You Hunt?

where do you hunt.jpg

This fall many of us will head to our favorite spot in search of the perfect deer or waterfowl hunt.  Some Michiganders are fortunate enough to own land with great hunting, whereas others race for a spot on public land or lease land from a local farmer or other landowner. 

Before you head to your favorite hunting location this fall, ask yourself this question: Do I own or lease the land that I hunt on?  If you answered yes to either, be sure to tell us about it so we can extend your personal liability coverage to that land.  This will provide lawsuit protection for you if someone is hurt on the property you own or lease, whether it be from falling out of a tree stand, stepping into a hole, or a firearm accident.  

The coverage extension generally costs $20 to $30/year, which is well worth it.  If you hunt only on public land, no action is needed as your personal liability coverage will follow you without any specific coverage endorsement.

Have a safe and successful hunting season! 

This article was written by Brian Boer.  Email questions or comments to Brian at brian.boer@boerinsurance.com.